The NYC HDFC Advocacy Hotline provides callers with detailed responses to their queries. During each call, we explain options and suggest solutions and best practices. We share referrals with our callers to professionals and officials in governmental departments and agencies, service providers, mission-driven businesses, and affordable housing attorneys. While we make no claim to work miracles, and provide no formal legal advice, we can help callers develop strategies and tactics that will make them better advocates for themselves and their HDFCs.

Our response team is intimately familiar with law and legislative history of Article XI and Article XV of the Private Housing Finance Law (PHFL), Business Corporate Law (BCL), New York City Local Laws, and all of the pertinent HDFC governing and regulatory documents, including: offering plans; certificates of incorporation; co-op conversation; share certificates; by-laws; proprietary leases; security agreements; regulatory agreements as well as housing and building codes that inform the State's warrant of habitability.